Sunday, December 30, 2007

Deformed lizards, When Geese Attack, and nice little Mean Boys.

Me and the kiddies did the three hour drive to south florida on Christmas eve. We spent a little while at BCC, which is a college campus that doubles for a playground. I used to go there as a kid, and now I drag mine there every now and then.
Whilst there, we happened upon a very mean goose who tried to bite Bjorn. I had to wap it in the head with a bag of bread. Then we came across an Iguana, whom we named iggy, and had one half it's jaw missing. This meant that even though he looked quite miserible, he still managed to look funny. He would not eat our bread. Then we came across a little boy named Earnest. He was nice until we had to leave. At that point, Bjorn made the decision to go beyond the customary hug goodbye, and add a kiss on the cheek--to which, little Earnest slugged Bjorn on HIS cheek.
What a merry Christmas eve!


Mommakitten said...

I came across your profile and thought that you had a very witty about me section and thought I would say hello.

Laura said...

I'm not really clever. I just put on a good show from time to time.

But hello from across the intranets! :D ::wave::

Josh said...

Christmas eve sounded like a true event.